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Frameworks and Freestyling
Sometimes a structure feels supportive of our intentions and actions. Sometimes it gets in the way. Like a chair.Imagine that you want to know yourself better, so you decide to meditate. You make the intention and go for it. Where do you start?There ...
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Become a Better Writer and Share Your Light
You're here because you value writing. You value sharing the sparkling, pulsating messages and stories within your luminous heart. I'm so glad you showed up because these are the things that matter to me.In this post, I'm sharing how t...
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The Power of Curiosity and Questions in Crafting a Story
We’re curious beings. Stories come from our curiosity. Curiosity is an adventure. Something grabs our attention. We smell blueberry pie. We follow the scent, and it leads us down the street to a bakery. In the bakery is a brown-haired girl wearing ri...
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Mindfuflness and meditation make you a better writer , green background with a lotus
Mindfulness & Meditation Make You a Better Writer
No Matter What You WriteTouching into your human experience with bravery and vulnerability…there’s an edge you come up against, and it is your own. Sitting with the fullness, the jagged shards of emotions, of situations, not ducking and dodging the s...
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Andrea Mai | Dao Wei

The postcard version of who I am: I write. And always have. I've written more than 15 books, workbooks, and guides under my own name. I've worked with students and clients as they bring their message to life with writing. I've had about a dozen blogs over the years. And I just keep on writing.

And now? I share with you how to Write From the Heart and share your light.

Facilitator for deep exploration, transformation, and remembrance of who we truly are. Intuitive. Awake. Deep listener. Curious. Guide for the adventure of discovering yourself. Journaling aficionado.

And, I have a big toolbox full of simple, life-changing writing & publishing tools to bring your message, your heart to the page.

Let go of who you used to be. Show up as who you are today. And write all the way through.

Andrea | Dao Wei

Writing Inspiration & illumination in your inbox.