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Writing a book of any kind takes guts, stamina, and a strong foundation. Writing a great book needs some magic and intuition.

Start Writing Your Book

How long have you been thinking about or talking about your book/blog/oracle deck/big writing project?


You're in the right place.  In this 4+ MODULE program, you'll get satisfaction by taking action, building a great foundation based on strong pillars for writing.

Write better. Write easier. Write now. 

  • Learn how to make writing easier for yourself. 
  • Become a better writer faster by applying tools of the craft. 
  • Be inspired as a writer - and be an inspired writer!   

No matter what your writing project is, a good foundation takes you everywhere you want to go.

Make them laugh or cry, solve a pain point, inspire, take them on a journey.

Not sure you're up to the task? Don't worry. This is your first draft! One step at a time...that's all it takes. 

Write Your First Draft with Ease

What's Included

  • 4 Modules
  • 23+ videos and audio
  • Lifetime access

What to Expect

  • Skill-stacking tutorials on a new subject each week - we're going to cover a lot! 
  • Monthly Q&A.
  • Lots of fun and support
  • Join a community of high-vibrational writers and creators.

What We Cover

  • identifying your ideal reader (it isn't everyone!)
  • outlining and beats,
  • choosing the right structure for your book,
  • fast-drafting, slow-writing, dictation, and other tools,
  • research,
  • tone and style,
  • finding or developing your voice,
  • weaving your story and voice into the material, 
  • time management,
  • publishing options,
  • and more.

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$222 Lifetime Access


A good foundation means it takes less time.

In this Writing Intensive, you'll build an excellent foundation for writing nonfiction books, blogs, oracle decks, and other longform materials. I share my best advice for first drafts AND for showing up to the page, writing from the heart, and developing your approach to the skill of crafting nonfiction, no matter what type!


I'm a professional, deeply experienced author, freelance writer, and editor with a lifetime of experience in many genres, styles, and forms. But that's only a piece of it. I bring in ALL my skills to help you write from your heart with clarity and creativity. I also guide you with meditation, journaling, and energy work to open the flow of creativity and clarity inside you.

With this course, you move from talking and dreaming about it to WRITING and moving forward with clarity.

PLUS, there are fun exercises to make starting - and finishing - your nonfiction book easier and more natural.

Course curriculum

Choose a pricing plan

$222 Lifetime Access